Too much to do and not enough time day

My sister and I are co-designing a virtual event that she entitled:

Too much to do and not enough time day
Sponsored by coffee, chocolate and more coffee.

The first event is a morning procrastination coffee.

  • The keynote speaker will be discussing, “I just don’t know where to begin.”

After the coffee, there is the ceremonial recopying of lists** and staring with terror at the length of the lists. **Those who have recopying of their lists on there list of “Things to Do” will be running the ceremony.

Workshops to include:
“I walked into this room for a reason and how to stay on track”

Napping – the quintessential procrastination action.


It was at this point that I decided to stop playing with procrastination and DO SOMETHING.
I got the most important things done. I finished the armhole edging on my secret squirrely project. Not so secret now, it’s a lace vest worked in Cascade Ultra Pima. I am excited to tell you that this garment is going to be in the fashion show this weekend at Stitches East. Danni is test knitting it for me in a gorgeous shade of cranberry.

Beth from Westport Yarns will have a 3 booth spread in the Marketplace. I’ve been printing up patterns round the clock in anticipation. The booth will also feature designs by Lynn Wilson, Danniknits, Chloe, project bags by Laura, and Trish from Tanglewood Fiber Creations will be back! This is a first for me and I am incredibly excited (and nervous).

I feel the deadline rushing to meet me. Hence the procrastination event, which by the way is on hold due to (what else?) procrastination. 😉