I really knit this?

While Elizabeth and I were at Rhinebeck she suggested we knit Ishbel at the same time. I agreed. That was Sunday. By Wednesday she had started it and gotten this far. I didn’t hear anyone yell “GO!”. The yarn she is using is Oceanwind Knits, Merino 100.

Elizabeth (and I) didn’t feel the outer garter edge of the shawl were elastic enough, she ripped it out and started again. Do you think she just wanted to give me a fighting chance?
Elizabeth is knitting these Fiddlehead mittens that have 5 color stripes running in the background and red in the foreground. We played around with the color placement before coming up with this order.
Diane is back! She had several weeks away (without knitting!). Now she’s back and picked up her scarf in Rowan Lima. Welcome Back.
Here are the fronts for Linda’s Kimono Jacket. She handled knitting both fronts at the same time without any problems.

We told Linda about Rhinebeck. She likened the vendors to the macro brewery concept. I thought that was interesting. She’s rallying everyone to go next year. Her birthday falls the same weekend. Sounds like a plan.
Sunaina and Linda are both knitting the Plymouth Kimono Jacket. Sunaina is knitting the collar and front bands ~ Linda is starting the sleeves. When Sunaina reviewed her handiwork and remarked, “that’s a lot of knitting; I really knit this?” Yes you did, and quite well too.
Janine’s Wonderful Wallaby came out beautifully. She knit it in Lang Nuvola yarn; it’s unbelievably soft.
Having finished her son’s Wonderful Wallaby, she brought her Hooded Swing Jacket out of long-term parking.

Linda cast on for her Fiber Trends Simply Seed Jacket in Berroco Vintage Chunky.

That’s all they knit.