The Fun of Rhinebeck Continues

You know when you were a kid and you got home from a party or trick & treating the fun continued when you looked over your loot? Revisiting my Rhinebeck purchases feels much the same.
The first yarn I came to that “took my breath away” was a skein of 100% worsted weight Cashmere from Just Our Yarn. The colors range from a Lapis blue to Teal to Sapphire with a little bit of Turquoise. Its soft and I just love it! It will be a neck warmer when it grows up.
We visited Creatively Dyed Yarns. I was overwhelmed by the vivid variegated yarns in this booth last year. This year my eyes were drawn immediately to this color way, Dress. I thought about making a sweater and then decided that might be a bit much. I think I’m going to make the “Tropical Breeze Shawl” by Joan Beebe.
I didn’t get to the Great Adirondack booth until Sunday. As I’ve said before, these yarns are like candy to me. They make me happy. I found this skein called Pixie, in the Pansy colorway. I’m going to make the “sev[en]circle by Kirsten Johnstone. Alone the Pixie yarn doesn’t have enough yardage. I’m going to mix in solid colors to make up the yardage.
Our very last search was for baskets. Elizabeth saw a really cute little basket and we were off on a mission. I bought this flat one. The other little things in the basket are some fun buttons, a really awesome moisturizing bar for your hands, and (it’s kind of hard to see) on the necklace is a little “puppysnip” scissor and crochet hook. The woman I bought them from came up with the idea of putting a couple of tools on a necklace for easy access when you’re knitting. I thought it’d be great for the car when I’m always balancing my tools and knitting in my lap.

The moisturizing bar is really cool. It’s a cake that you rub on your hands and it’s so emollient that it last through a couple of hand washes. They have other skin treatment bars and lip balms.

Now I just have to decide what I’m going to work on first.