Rhinebeck ~ Sunday

Ding! Day two. A truly gorgeous day in the neighborhood. The energy today was much more low key with far less crowds.
On our way in we were drawn to the crowds checking out some of the other animals on display. We were watching the alligators (truly prehistoric looking beasts) and saw the bigger one intently looking at something and moving as far forward as his cage would allow. A very menacing sight. (you can just make out his body on the far right of the picture.)
Clearly he was eyeing the ducks and turtles adjacent to his cage. The expression “so close, yet so far” comes to mind.

LOVED this t-shirt. I got the name of the store and hope to track it down.

It was truly awesome the number of samples that Vendors had on display. I kept gravitating to the same shawls (that are in my queue). At least I’m consistent. I especially liked the Damson and Aeolian shawls.
Ishbel, by Ysolda Teague, is one of the patterns in my queue. Every where I went I saw this shawl. She has two sizes and I always thought the wingspan on the smaller shawl to too small. It really wasn’t when I tried it on, it’s a nice size as an accessory item versus for warmth. Elizabeth and decided that this shawl moves up to first place. Now that I’m going to make the smaller size, my yarn/stash opportunities open right up.

I saw a few of Ysolda’s patterns that I want to make.
I think I’ve come away with 3 from this trip alone.

This guy was making very ominous sounds as if to say, “take the picture and leave me alone”.

These Suri Alpacas were HUGE!
Such cute little Alpacas.
Great markings on this guy.
This was my favorite. After they get sheared the sheep are clothed (he he) to keep them warm.

You know this sheep is thinking, “It’s not enough they shear my wool and dress me up in the ridiculous get up – but the mask?! Would someone fix my freakin’ mask, this is just humiliating.”

I saw a woman wearing this cardigan while wandering around. It’s Ysolda Teague’s Vine Yoke Cardigan from the 2009 Twist Collective webzine. I liked this sweater so much I asked it’s owner if I could take a picture. The construction is really cool, it’s knit side to side; including the cable/lace details at the bottom and top. I have some Tahki Sedona yarn in my stash that would be perfect for this. The nice lady who knit it said she made a couple of modifications. She made the sleeves longer and took out a repeat in the yoke. As luck would have it I saw someone walking around in the same cardigan later and was able to see what the cardigan looked like without the modifications. I definitely like it better with the modifications.
I’ve met Doris Chan a couple of times. She’s incredibly talented and just an all around nice person. Her designs have kept me excited about new dimensions in contemporary crochet patterns. It was a pleasure to see her again and of course see the samples from her book. Elizabeth had brought her copy to get signed. Doris signed a book plate for me.
I got a chance to try on the Melisande vest from her new book Crochet Lace Innovations. Ignoring the fact that the sample is a small, and I’m not – I love the design and definitely want to make it. (Do you see Doris’ hands on the left reaching out to fix the vest?)
Great Adirondack yarns have long been a favorite of mine. I love color and texture in yarn and Patti’s yarns are extraordinary. Her booth has awesome samples all over. This coat caught my eye immediately. I made a point of introducing myself to owner/creator, Patti Subik, in anticipation of her visit to Westport Yarns in December.
Patti has started creating designs on shoes and boots. These are gorgeous (and copyrighted!). She’ll be bringing some shoes to the Westport Yarns Great Adirondack Trunk Show in December.

I ran into Westport Staffers (past/present). I was flattered when someone asked to take a picture of my Dianna shawl because they have it in their queue and hadn’t seen it live and in person. There was even another woman wearing the same shawl who tagged me and complimented me on our great taste in shawls.