Rhinebeck ~ Saturday

When Elizabeth and I arrived at Rhinebeck, we decided to brave the Chicken Pot Pie line and eat first before wandering around. Our food plan was almost as important as our yarn plans. There were two foods I wanted this weekend, the Pot Pie and Fried Artichoke (we hit that one on the way out.)

I found that I gravitated to the same vendors and the same (exact) yarns as last year. Initially I wasn’t seeing anything I wanted. I actually despaired that I was going to go to Rhinebeck and not come home with anything. Fear not, I was successful!
Walking around the fair grounds was like walking through an awesome fashion show of knit wear. Elizabeth and I would walk up to people and compliment them on their shawls/sweaters and ask what yarn/patterns they used. One woman recognized my Charlotte’s Daughters shawl even though it was all bundled up. That made me feel good.
I loved the look of this Spindrift Capelet by Lucy Neatby. I’d admired the pattern and never seen it up close and personal.

I saw many samples of shawls in my queue. This Whimsy Lace Scarf is definitely a keeper.

This is the Spirulina pattern. I like the design, just not on me. What’s that about a picture being worth a thousand words?
This was the smallest Nantucket bag I’d ever seen. It was so cute! I really had to search within myself, was I attracted to the purple or the bag itself. I decided it was the purple. There was a pink and green version and I decided if that was the only bag there, I wouldn’t have wanted it. Besides, I have gazillion bags and Laura is sewing up a new batch of her project bags. I’d rather have one of those.
There were the cutest Australian Sheep Dog puppies. My family has no idea how close they came to a new member of the family.
The puppy jumped up to grab the fringe of my shawl. Koigu is made of sturdy stuff (and it was just puppy teeth).

There were sheep with coats of all different colors.

The horns on this ram were awesome.
Look! A Holstein sheep!

I got a chance to pat these incredibly soft Angora bunnies. At first I was patting the black one (squashed under the gray bunny in the picture). The gray bunny hustled over and positioned herself on top of her sister to get attention. The owner asked if I could tell which one was the ‘dominant sister’. Hmmm…

We ran into Ann and her mom several times.

It was windy and cloudy when we first arrived. By the end of the day the skies cleared and the sun shone beautifully on the foliage. It was a full first day and we were ready to call it a day.