New Hampshire Wool Arts Tour

Last weekend while visiting my sister, we went on the NH Wool Arts Tour. There were 6 farms in the Henniker area that you could visit, each with a number of vendors, some stores set up booths selling yarn and roving.

It was an absolutely beautiful weekend for driving around and being outside. The foliage was lovely. We picked 2 farms: Spinner Farm and The Fiber Studio.

We met up with Ann at The Fiber Studio. The Fiber Studio was great fun. They had a wide assortment of yarns and we all fell in love with different yarns that had to come home with us. Thankfully, not the same ones. That could have gotten ugly.
This is a rayon yarn by Ellyn Cooper, love the rich colors and it has 466 yards.

While at the Fiber Studio we saw a vendor called Hair of the Dog, designer yarn hand spun from your pet. This was wild. There were skeins of yarn that had labels like “Chow and Golden Retriever”. Although I think this is a creative concept and I love my dogs – I don’t think I want to wear there fur. Not with all the time I spend sweeping it up.
They had some fun baseball caps…
and t shirts. We all agreed that although this t-shirt was clever, it wasn’t something you could walk around in. Nancy suggested she have it made up in a key chain.

Next we went to the Spinner Farm. This was a bit of an adventure as our GPS system couldn’t find it and (helpfully) offered us alternatives in other parts of New Hampshire and even Cape Cod.

Spinner farm had more natural wool options for yarn and also a lot of roving. I did pick up a pattern at the Yarn and Fiber Company booth.

There was one vendor at another farm that had a very interesting offering: “handcrafted orifice hooks, darning needles & dizzes (a spinning tool), necklaces from antler, sheep horn & wood, and custom hand spun & knitted garments from the client’s own animals including hair from dogs and cats.” Nancy did not want to find out what orifice hooks were and I can’t say I blame her.