Week in Review

Elizabeth is making thrummed mittens for her son. She’s combining wool that he (very thoughtfully) bought for her with the yarn she’s using for her top down coat. As she starts the second mitten the tricky part will be having the thumb on the second mitten is the precise position it is on the first mitten.
The Plymouth Kimono that Sunaina is knitting for her mother is progressing nicely. She’s nearly done with the first sleeve. It looks like she’ll have it done in time for her next visit to her parents.
Linda is working on the same Kimono pattern. She finished the back and is now onto the fronts. A friend suggested she knit them at the same time so they come out the same size. Linda wanted to know if there was a down-side to doing this. I explained that she has to be careful not to connect them by knitting across the second sleeve with the yarn from the first and be mindful to remember to complete any shaping instructions on both sides. Here she is inspecting the cast on row.
2 down and 1 to go. The cowls Michelle is knitting in Jawoll Magic yarn look great. I love the rich look of the green cowl.
Last week when she worked the 3 needle bind off for her Parachute top from the Vogue Early Fall issue, a few stitches wiggled out and dropped. Much like when Jane helped me take out the kitchenered row of my Starry Night Shawl, I took out her 3 needle bind off. She had to take back several rows to fix the dropped stitches. Mind you, this is the Berroco Seduce yarn that Mary keeps in a Tupperware to keep from getting unruly.

After all that, she asked me to work the 3 needle bind off for her, which I did.
Michelle modelling her now finished Parachute top.

Here’s Mary’s Misson Falls Cargidan turned vest. She knit an icord and sewed it to the seam where she picked up stitches for the bodice. She’s going to knit another icord to go over the border of the bodice.
Mary is knitting a stash buster Moebius lengthwise that she’ll sew together with a twist. I love these kind of things. It will sit just on the edge of her shoulders.

Margarite swatched for a ribbed cowl in Minnowknits Minnow Merino.

She finished this hat in Noro Silk Garden. Silk Garden is one of her favorite yarns because of the terrific colors.

I love the fall season of knitting.