Playing with Yarn

I keep all my leftover bits and skeins of yarn and save them by colorway.

I felt like playing with these colors last night and decided on a scarf worked lengthwise. I’m trying something new. Instead of swatching (lighten up, sometimes I don’t want to swatch either), I worked a foundation single crochet.
Then I looked through my Harmony Basic Crochet Stitches book and settled on the Trinity Stitch. I’m going to change yarns each row, leaving the tails as fringe. I used a solid color for the foundation row, then a variegated thin yarn held double, then a solid mohair held double, then another variegated yarn.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to change the pattern stitch or work both ends out from the foundation chain. It’s fun to work on at night when I’m tired because the colors and textures perk me up.