Finishing and Frogging

Deep breath. I finished the crocheted bind off on my Starry Night Shawl. It was not as scary as I thought and flew by once I got the hang of it. Then I did the shell border on the remaining edge of the shawl.

Do you think I can pull the lifelines out now! It still gives my “pause” to pull them out even though everything is secure. There’s just some finishing left and then blocking. I’ve been told because of it’s size and shape that it’s easiest to block it in 2 steps – half then the other half. On the other hand, I may have the Westport Yarns finisher block it. She works magic with blocking and blocking is the kind of thing I could procrastinate over for quite a while.
So I’m cruising along my Secret Squirrely Project and thinking to myself. “Cool, I’m knitting along with nary (SAT word) a problem.” Don’t ya know I tempted the Yarn G-ds. I’m finishing a row and see a stitch dropped down several rows. Ugh! Big UGH! This wasn’t a 1 row back fix either. I had to unknit (188 sts per row). The pattern repeat is 16 rows and even though I have life lines, I realized this problem on row 15. I DID NOT want to rip it back 16 rows. Although a small voice in the back of my head was comforted by this.
I thought I was going to have to rip back 4 rows. I guess the Yarn G-ds took pity on me and felt I was sufficiently punished because after 2 rows I was able to recapture the pattern.

I will be far more humble from now on.