The Beginning, The Middle, and The End.

How do you feel when you start a project? When you’re in the middle of a project? When you’ve finished a project?

I was thinking about these questions because that’s where I’m at. Come to think of it, I’m probably always experiencing these 3 things because I keep so many projects going at once. OK, who am I kidding. I spend more time starting projects and in the middle of many projects.
I know I’m not really in the middle of my Starry Night Shawl, however when you are working a crocheted bind off of 1000 stitches, it sure feels like it. This shawl and I have been through a lot together. There was the mis-kitchenered strip that had to be undone, running out of yarn, and the sheer volume of stitches to knit in a row. I love it and yet I want to start something new while in the midst of finishing this. Nothing new there.

When I’m in the middle of a project after a while I start day-dreaming about other patterns or yarns. It feels like I’m cheating on the project I’m with. Reminds me of the song lyric “Love the one (yarn/pattern?) you’re with.
I was ready to start my SSP (secret squirrely project) and could not find my #3 40″ circular. I thought to myself, ‘that is such a random size needle to already be in use’. I searched all my needle holders and project caches and then a little light bulb when off. Was it in my daughter’s sweater? No? Ahhh, the starry night shawl. Yup, that’s where it was. Deep Sigh. I really wanted to start something new. I still had about 2 hours of work on the Starry Nigh Shawl bind off. That would use up prime knitting time. Solution…transfer the shawl onto a smaller circular and I’m off to the races!
I finished my Moebius cowl last night. (Sorry the picture is so bad.) That’s a good feeling. The ends are woven in and it’s ready to go to the store. I take a minute or two to enjoy the finished item and then I scout around for the next new thing. I have a crocheted top I’d like to start and some smaller accessory type items. Several staff members have designed chunky cowls that I’d like to make.

I enjoyed creating this pattern and I’m using it in my Moebius class at Westport Yarns that starts November 3rd. The yarn is Ariosa a soft bulky yarn.

All this while I’m still thinking about other projects.