Knitting You Can Do in Your Sleep

To borrow an ad phrase from way back, “You’ve come a long way, baby.” Robin referred to the Infinite Cabled Cowl by Dina Mor as “stupid knitting” or knitting you can do in your sleep. Outstanding, I love that she’s come so far! To celebrate her increasing skill level, she was swatching for the #02 Cropped Jacket by Lutz & Patmos featured in the Vogue Knitting Early Fall Magazine. She’s going to knit it in Malou yarn.Lois’ dog had an unfortunate entanglement episode with her Soft & Drapey Shrug. A few unraveled rows and a dropped stitch later, Lois disentangled him. I like her choice of stitch holder (the button) for the dropped stitch. No harm done to dog or shrug.
Congrats to you Lois, a few more rows of the cabled bands and this lovely sweater is ready to be finished! A job well done.
Elizabeth’s meticulously knitted Entomology shawl is done; she knit it with approximately 600 yards of Buffalo Gold yarn. And now for the back story…

Elizabeth and I shared a common quandary. That of not having enough yarn for the last row/bind off of our shawls. I have to quote Elizabeth because she expressed our feelings for this situation well. “Oh the unfairness of it all! You would think that after all the work we put into these projects, the knitting fairies would make sure there was enough yarn to bind off!

When she got to Stitch and Chat today, she was still in denial, expecting more yarn to appear. In the end she did not have enough yarn for the stretchy bind off. Instead she used a larger needle to bind off loosely. She got to the last dozen or so stitches and ran out of yarn. Luckily she had saved a strand from weaving and that was enough to go the distance. The lengths (love the pun) we go to for our knitting know no bounds.

The above picture is from a catalog and Elizabeth is going to design her own top down version of this coat with the yarn below.
She found a good source in Cosmicpluto Knits website and Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard.
She brought the Flutter Scarf out of the parking lot. She’s knitting it in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Fingering yarn. It’s knit with a provisional cast on because it has a ruffle on the bottom edges of the scarf. We were trying to do the math to maximize the yardage and the size of the scarf. Time will tell if we were successful.

Linda G. finished her first baby hat, it’s adorable. She’s going to knit a sweater and booties to match.

Michelle is onto her second Moebius Cowl in Jawoll Magic in this great variegated green.

She’s knitting the #26 Parachute Top by Sharon Sorken in Berroco Seduce yarn. It seems like a quick knit.

Elizabeth was gracious enough to try on the top down raglan (boat-neck) sweater I’m knitting for my daughter. She (my daughter) was very specific about where the neckline sat. She wanted it to basically perch on the edge of her shoulders. I was getting a little nervous about fit and wanted to stop and check it out before I went any further. I was relieved to see that it is sitting where she wanted it to. Now I can resume knitting. (The yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima.)