Sunaina finished her Chloe sweater, knit in Minnowknits Cotton tail. I love the ladybug buttons! She’s now in the midst of knitting a red Kimono style sweater for her mother.
Mary knit this swatch in Blue Sky Alpacas dyed cotton, held double. Miraculously she has to go up to the knitting needle it calls for. This may be a first in her knitting history.
Check out this awesome chair! Mary has used old ties and woven them for the seat and back. There is no other support for the chair. The ties are woven super tight. I think this would make an awesome retirement gift for a man using the ties he’d no longer need (in retirement).
Michelle finished her first holiday moebius (for one of her nieces). Knit in Jawoll Magic, it takes only 1 skein.
She finished the front of a multi-directional tank she’s knitting in Nashua Handknits Eco cotton.