Something’s gotta get done!

This weekend we took a “staycation” and did absolutely nothing. It was outstanding. I thoroughly recommend it. We’d done a few vacationy things and I really just wanted to stay home, not cook, not clean, just relax. it was great. I knit a lot. In doing so I realized that I have way too many projects on my hooks and needles. And, if they are not already in progress I’m itching to start them.

Quite simply, I’m out of control. With the arrival of fall yarns at the store, fall magazines, and fall classes. I’ve got projects for all the different hats I wear.
This is a square for the Knitty Lizard Ridge Blanket. Cynthia and I had considered a class for this pattern a year ago. It was recently brought back to my attention by Jennifer. We’re putting together the final details of the class. This pattern is so much fun and I love how it brings out the variation in the Kureyon.

I’m almost done with a newborn baby gift set pattern in fingering weight yarn. I’m going to add a pair of mittens.
We got in Berroco Borealis yarn, a new yarn for Berroco. It comes in beautiful colorways that just make me happy. I’ve been swatching stitches to incorporate into a hat and/or neck warmer.
Here’s a broomstick lace crocheted scarf I’m working on for a class Wednesday, September 22, 6:30-9:00. This technique is really fun. It’s worked with a jumbo knitting needle and crochet hook. This stitch is popping up in crochet magazines and books allover the place.
Here’s a reversible scarf that will be a 1 session class Monday, October 25th 6:30-9:00. The sample is in Lang Yak yarn. A real pleasure to work with and great stitch definition.
On the personal side of knitting, I’ve become obsessed with knitting the lace border on my starry night shawl. There are 630 sts and 32 rows. I force myself to take breaks as I knit along one row and a longer break between rows. Otherwise my hands will really start to hurt. As I write that last line I do have to remind myself that I like doing this and love the final product.

It was hard to pick which one to work on (a sure sign there are too many).

OK, done writing. Must…knit…something…anything.