Yarn can be character building!

Sherry was nearly done with her Magnificent Mantle, crocheted in Minnow Merino. That was Friday, I got word over the weekend that she finished it.
Although she is enjoyed the look of the Trendsetter Gavi in Tunisian Crochet, she commented that working with this particular yarn is character building.
I went through a folder of patterns she brought and matched up her Lorna’s Laces Pearl yarn with one of her patterns. The flower above was a test swatch.
Elizabeth finished her Wisteria Shawl by Kristin Omdahl from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2010. She’s used the yarn it calls for (a novel approach); Tahki Sierra a silk/linen blend.
Here’s a better look at the lace edging. She know officially qualifies for 4 star intermediate crochet projects.
After several attempts at deliberately twisting when joining, Michelle’s Moebius is under way (in Jawoll Magic sock yarn).
She swatched for the #26 Parachute Top by Sharon Sorken. She’s knitting it in Berroco Seduce.