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Live, Laugh, Knit

I was flattered to be approached by Vanessa Inzitari, a reporter for the DailyWestport online magazine, for an interview in the “Neighbors” section. She wrote a lovely article about me, thanks Vanessa!

Live, Laugh, Knit

A knitter since she was 12, Pam Grushkin teaches many of the knitting and crochet classes at Westport Yarns.

Photo credit: Vanessa Inzitari

Knitting is more than a hobby for Westport resident Pam Grushkin — it’s a way of life.

And beyond the fun of making things to wear, knitting has given Grushkin, who works at Westport Yarns, the opportunity to build great friendships.

“I enjoy being with others who have the same hobby as me,” she said. “The support that emerges from a group of women sharing their craft is wonderful. No matter who you are or where you come from, the walls come down.”

Not only has knitting helped Grushkin create lasting bonds, it has also provided a therapeutic outlet, she said.

“I’m a more patient person because of [knitting],” Grushkin laughed, adding she never leaves the house without her knitting tools. “Because of its rhythmic qualities, knitting has been likened to a form of meditation. And I do find it relaxing.”

Grushkin, 47, picked up the sticks and entered the knitting world when she was a young girl.

“I’ve been knitting since I was 12,” she said. “My mom taught us — me and my sister — as something all three of us could do together. It was very special.”

And it is still as Grushkin, her sister and their mother get together on occasion to knit.

A veteran knitter, Grushkin upped her resume six years ago by taking up crochet. Now she teaches several of the knitting and crochet classes at Westport Yarns, where she’s worked for three years.

In addition to teaching the the store, Grushkin runs Stitch and Chat, group and private knitting lessons.

“I love to teach,” she said. “It’s really satisfying to teach something you love to do. I enjoy seeing the ‘ah-ha’ moments and the pride people have when they complete a project.”

To see some of Grushkin’s work, or to learn more about knitting, visit her blog.

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