License to knit or Learner’s Permit

Sunaina was nearly to the arms in her Chloe sweater. She’s the first one to knit it in one color. When Linda arrived she commented that she didn’t know that was an option. 🙂

What follows is a recap of a story that might fall under the banner of “you had to be there”… Hopefully not.

In the body of the sweater, Sunaina will have to work centered increases. She asked if the next bit was challenging. Linda, our veteran serial knitter, stated that it was “nicely provocative”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a knitting technique described as “nicely provocative”. You cannot imagine the amount of time that went into discussing the merits of the word provocative to describe a challenging pattern.

The way they (Linda and now Sunaina) see it, there is a nicer ring to provocative versus challenging. If it’s provocative, then it piques your curiosity rather than instilling uncertainty. The word evokes drama in a sassy, o.k. way.

Elizabeth decided that this all sounded like knitting poetry. Just another example of rationalizing and semantics at it’s best.
Michelle was swatching with Filatura Di Crosa Superior yarn for the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. She had a tough time getting gauge. I did too when I made my Citron shawlette.
She is making good progress on her Easy Crocheted Triangle Shawl by Lily Chin (in Cascade Ultra Pima yarn).
Michelle finished the Rambling Rows afghan by Cottage Creations. She knit it in Berroco Comfort Worsted. The village voted and we decided that no border was necessary.
I like the incongruous nature of the T-shirt’s sentiment and the tangled mass of yarn. Draw your own conclusions!