We’re here to help

Elizabeth’s Wisteria shawl, the motif center is completed (and looks awesome). Next time we meet, she’ll start the lace edging.
Check out this really interesting bag Elizabeth’s sister gave her. It’s made of buttons fused together.

A picture of dedication. Michelle and Elizabeth working on my Shell Game vest.
Michelle’s Shell Game vest is facing completion. She just needs to weave in those pesky strings and crochet the edging.
She is 2/3 done with her Not Just Plain Jane Renaissance Poncho in Nashua Ecological Cotton. For her first lace project, Michelle is doing pretty good!
Angela was back in town from Florida and caught up with me to finish her Rowan sweater. She’s up to the loopy fringed border. It has to run along the neckline and around the bottom and then along the cuffs of the sleeves. The stitch is kind of a drag, the finished garment will look great. While she was doing the loopy thing, I sewed the seems. The fit is perfect and she’s very excited to finish and wear something she knit.
Lois is just about done with her (mindless?) wrap. The knitting is done. It was supposed to have a contrasting edging, however, she thought it was long enough. Next time we meet, we’re (probably me) going to crochet some flowers to embellish it. It’s knit in “stuff” by Prism.
She is very nearly finished with the Chloe Sweater. The sleeves need a row or 2 to complete and then it’s her favorite part…finishing. This is part of a gift for a baby and her sisters.
Sarah is working on Lynn’s Sampler Blanket in Artyarns Supermerino. She likes to be challenged in her knitting or she gets bored. By the time she can get bored in this pattern, it’s time to change to the next set of stitches.
She was also working on this lacy scarf in the same cotton as part of the gift the Chloe sweater belongs to.

Linda, from Borders, stopped by. She said she can’t go to Westport Yarns anymore because there is too much tempting stuff! Now that’s a nice compliment. She discovered Not Just Plain Jane’s patterns and bought the Lady Jane Cardigan and Yum Yum Tree Pillow. She’s going to wait for the fall yarns to come in to find the right yarns to knit them in.