So Many Projects!

Sherry brought her cotton classic colors to crochet my Shell Game vest.
She got started on her swatch.

Sunaina was back from her travels and had show and tell. Her golf clubs are ready to be sewn and finished.

The 2 Soft and Drapey Shrugs she’s knitting are in various stages of completion.

Her shrug is knit in Trendsetter Gavi and Tahki Stella. She’s finding the Gavi a bit of a bear to work with. Then there was a logistical issue where she didn’t realize how it went together to form the shrug. That had a happy ending. She went from not liking the shrug, to being very happy about it (since it’s knit in a rectangle it folds over to become a shrug).
Her sister’s shrug is knit in Minnowknits Cottontail and Tahki Stella. This is going to be gorgeous!
Mary got there and would you believe, she finished the body of the Shore sweater. Sheesh! I thought we had a plan. I finished the left front thinking we were doing a side at a time. I’ve got some catching up to do.

Mary finished her Sublime bag. It looks really cool.
She lined it with this striped fabric and has the stripes going in 2 different directions!
Mary brought out her Seduce shell to show my sister, Nancy.
Mary was also working on her super bulky slipper socks, worked in Encore Mega.
Nancy was working on Not Just Plain Jane
Renaissance Poncho in Debbie Bliss Prima (Bamboo).

Linda arrived and got a bit philosophical. When asked what she was knitting, she answered, “Who Knows”? She observed that she can’t approach knitting the way she approached playing the piano. With the piano, she would just play and see what came of it. With her knitting, she’s been following patterns and sometimes getting lost in the patterns. I think that in between projects she should just play with the yarn/needles with no agenda.
Elizabeth’s Wisteria shawl looks great! Rumor has it she’ll have the body completed this week and will be ready to start the lace edging.
I didn’t get a picture of Robin’s Wallaby. She decided to go back to double pointed needles for the sleeve after all. She understands the magic loop method; her gauge was too loose.