Among other things, Robin demonstrates Magic Loop Knitting

You know when someone wants to try a new food you’re eating and they say, “Will I like it?” or “How does it taste?”. You can’t really explain it to them, they have to taste it for themselves.

This is how it went between Robin and I before she learned the magic loop. She’s not a fan of double points and wanted to learn how to knit a sleeve on magic loop. She asked me, “Will I like it?” and “Is it hard to do?” I was tactfully evasive. I know Robin too well to answer. I told her it was easy and she would love it. Two rows into it she was not having fun and debating going back to her double points. Two rows after that she said, “That’s it?” Here is Robin’s Magic Loop demonstration…

Robin came up with a great modification to the Wonderful Wallaby. Inserting a life line as a marker for the row you have to pick up stitches for the pocket. It was infinitely easier this way.
Diane brought her Knit Baby Blanket. She lost her way and her stitch count got way off the in the process. It was all missing yarn overs.
Elizabeth made terrific progress on her Wisteria Shawl. Her plan has been to only work on it at stitch and chat. The trouble is, she has to get reacquainted with the pattern every time. It’s nice to see it taking shape.
Linda G. worked on her Eyelet Cowl from the Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009 issue. She’s knitting it in Rowan Lima.