Renaissance Poncho

I actually took a pre-blocked photo, and measured it and wrote down those measurements. The neck was 7″ across, the sides were 13″, the center front was 14″, and the bottom was approximately 24″.
Jane’s instructions called for you to immerse the poncho in water and then pull the lace out. These were the finished measurements: the neck was 10″ across, the sides were 17″, the center front was 17″, and the bottom was approximately 40″!

When I tried it on, the neck definitely grew bigger than I wanted it to so when I did the crocheted finishing, I decreased around the neckline.
I’m really happy with how it came out. I loved working with the Prima Bamboo and Jane’s patterns are a delight to see manifest themselves.

I’ve finished a couple of big projects this week and now I’m at loose ends (unavoidable pun) as to what to start next. I love Doris Chan’s new book Crochet Lace Innovations. Then there are 2 hibernating summer projects that I could revisit. And yes, I know there’s that cabinet of yarn all neatly organized into bags with patterns. I just don’t know what I want to make now. Any ideas?