Wishful Knitting

Wishful Knitting: The process by which you can ignore being off in your knitting, wishing it will straighten itself out if you just keep knitting.
Elizabeth is swatching for the Wisteria Shawl by Kristin Omdahl from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2010. She’s using the yarn it calls for (a novel approach); Tahki Sierra a silk/linen blend.

One flower flows out of the other. It’s going to be a knockout.

Linda’s sweater and buttons are so cute, they deserved a second showing.

Sherry crocheted my “Oohh Sparkly Thing” scarf in Berroco Bonsai Colors. She used four skeins. The colorway reminds me on sand dunes on the beach.

This scarf was crocheted with Artyarns Beaded Pearl & Sequins. It is so pretty in the shell stitch and the beads/sequins really come alive in crochet. The pattern is from Artyarns, E119, Silk Crochet Beaded Scarf; it called for 2 skeins, however, Sherry made hers wider and used three.
Elizabeth’s Shell Game Vest came out beautifully. The colors are so pretty together. She just has to weave in the ends. She thought about blocking it, however, gravity is going to take care of making it longer.
She finished her Noro sweater which she modified for length and gauge.

Juanetta stopped by with her finished hooded baby blanket (that she taught herself how to crochet). Well done!