She’s a Morning Pickle Eater!

Michelle was back in full force today with her requisite 4 projects. The “Easy Crocheted Triangle Lace Shawl” she’s working on is by Lily Chin (Fiber Trends 105LC). She’s working it in Cascade Ultra Pima. She’s come a long way from not being able to single crochet an edge!
She proudly made it to round 16 in her Renaissance Poncho. She’s knitting it in Nashua Handknits Natural Focus Cotton. I’m taking the time while she catches up with me to finish a couple of other things. Then I’ll be back in the game on my Renaissance Poncho.
She’s all but done with her Minnowknits scallopini cardigan, the buttons just need to be sewn on.
This tank is really cool, it’s knit in 2 pieces and seamed down the center front and back. The pattern is from Noro YS490 “Shirakaba Ladies Top”. Michelle knit hers in Noro Cash Iroha. I love the stitch pattern on the shoulders.
Well, it’s working. By Mary and I imposing a joint deadline on our Shore sweaters, we are making progress. The goal today was to have worked till the point where you divide for the fronts/back/sleeves. We felt beholden to each other to be done.
Our next goal is to finish the left front. Every time I have to weave in all the g-dforsaken ends in, I think “what were we thinking?” Why didn’t it dawn on us or those around us that we’d be weaving in ends from here to eternity. It might have made a difference. We might have found a different project. We could’ve been stopped!
Diane’s baby blanket in Zara Chine is coming along beautifully. She’s got the hang of the lace pattern.

Oh, and the pickles in the morning… Thing #2 came with me today and bought herself breakfast at the deli. A hot pastrami sandwich, pickle, and knish. Thatta girl. It was good pastrami, she shared. It was Mary who exclaimed, “She’s a morning pickle eater!” Maybe you had to be there.