Where do we begin?

Michelle just got back from a trip and hadn’t been knitting. (Shocking, I know.) She didn’t know where to begin with the projects she left behind. She decided to finish the second side of the Shell Game Vest. We’re in the home stretch for publishing the pattern. I’m going to include pictures of everyone’s vest – the colors are all so different.
Diane had started a baby blanket from the Yarn Lover’s Room. It’s knit in Zara Chine.

Way to go Abby! This is her biggest project to date. She knit the Vogue Spring 2010, #22 Sun Dress by Alice Halbeisen. She knit it in Berroco Seduce. We modified the top to be stockinette instead of lace.
Now she’s working on a knit t-shirt, Bondi from Berroco Booklet #294, in Origami. I find this yarn very intriguing. I’ve liked it in everything I’ve seen it knit up in. Diane’s Kiama Jacket and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s Kiama Jacket. I’m inclined to knit myself the Kirra Jacket, the longer version of the Kiama Jacket.

Elizabeth realized after completing the neckline that her sweater wasn’t long enough. I give her a lot of credit. She ripped it back, added more length and got right back into it. I would’ve sulked for a bit. Then I would have punished the project by leaving it in a “I’ll do it sometime” pile. Two years later I would’ve taken it out and did some forensic knitting to figure out why I left it behind. I’m just saying…
Lois started her Chloe sweater. She’s modified the pattern from changing colors every 2 rows to changing colors every 6 rows. I was really psyched to see how far she had gotten with it.