My Weekend Off

Although I enjoy when the weather is beautiful on my days off, I also enjoy the times when the weather isn’t so nice and I can go about what I have/want to do without feeling guilty about being outside.
I finally reached the point where I could switch from the 16″ to 24″ circulars. Michelle should be back this week and I promised her I’d get her cast on for the Renaissance Poncho. I also promised I wouldn’t finish mine. Neither of us realized how many rounds it would take to increase enough stitches to switch. I’m at round 51 out of 80.
Michelle is knitting her Renaissance Poncho in Nashua Handknits Natural Focus yarn. She was really smitten with it when she saw it at Westport Yarns. I cast on and completed the first 4 rounds for her. Now I’ll sit tight on mine and give her a chance to catch up.
I told Thing #2 if she cleaned her room (to my satisfaction ~ including laundry), I would take her shopping for spring clothes. I found the Kindle for Iphone app. and actually sat, knit, and read a book sample while I waited. That was really cool.
I bought a skein of a new yarn we are carrying at Westport Yarns, Millamia from Sweden. It’s 100% extrafine sportweight merino, 136 yards, machine washable. I’m swatching for a hat.

More knitting completed on secret squirrely project. I really am enjoying knitting with Be Sweet Bamboo yarn.