Interval Knitting

What you may ask is interval knitting? It’s what I’m calling the dance between the different projects I’m working on. I think of it either like doing interval training when you work out or like a square dance when you switch partners. What can I tell you, my mind wanders on those long purl rows back on the lace knits.
I’m well into the Renaissance Poncho (in Debbie Bliss Prima). I’m supposed to get to the point where I switch to the larger needles. I’m borrowing Michelle’s smaller needles. My job is to get to the point on my poncho where I switch to the larger needles and then get hers cast on. She asked me not to get too far and I’m trying to be true to that. The problem is, one of the customers came into the store today with her finished Renaissance Poncho knit in Blue Heron Rayon Metallic. It was GORGEOUS.
My current mindless project is a pair of toe up socks on magic loop (in Knit One Crochet Too Sox Appeal). I’m almost to the instep and then I’ll have to focus for the heel before it goes back to being mindless.
I have a secret squirrely design project in progress (in Be Sweet Bamboo). I’ve never knit with Bamboo before, it’s really lovely to work with. The Debbie Bliss Prima is a Bamboo/Wool blend.

Well, a Tunisian crocheted scarf is up in the rotation. Picture to follow! It’s for a class at Westport Yarns in August.