Did anyone get any knitting/crocheting done?

Elizabeth bought Tahki Sierra yarn to crochet the Wisteria shawl by Kristin Omdahl, published in the Interweave Crochet Spring 2010 issue. It’s a fairly intermediate pattern. She began working up a swatch of the motif.
She found this really cute crochet hook case on Etsy. When it’s open, it has room for hooks on both ends and there is a protective flap of fabric to prevent the hooks from slipping out.

I honestly don’t know what Mary knit today. She showed us her Shell game vest, she wore it yesterday. It looks great.

Then she brought out this hooded sweatshirt she started for one of her sons. Problem is, she doesn’t know where she put the rest of the yarn. We were trying to figure out what color it is. I have my guess – tomorrow I’ll check it against the Plymouth Encore Chunky color card. At the same time we were making phone calls and surfing the Internet (to find more yarn), Diane and Elizabeth searched in earnest for the end of this tangled ball of yarn (Mary’s puppy had at it).
In her ongoing Prism Wild Stuff shawl, Lois reached the point where she just had to know how what it looked like off the needle. As she knit along she was plagued with thoughts that it was going to be too short or that it wouldn’t be wide enough and that she would run out of yarn. She put it on a lifeline and took it off the needle. It measured 70″ instead of the 60″ it is supposed to be. I tried it on and showed her that the length was fine.

She is actually considering ripping it out and starting again with fewer stitches to make it 60″! Yikes, say it isn’t so! The wrap is knit the long way and then a shorter edge is picked up and knit down on each side. We will anxiously await her decision.
Lois swatched for the Chloe Sweater she’s going to knit. Not only did she swatch, she swatched in two different needle sizes and it was a reasonably sized swatch. I’m so proud! She’s also going to make a scarf on the diagonal with the same yarn she’s using for the Chloe sweater. It will be a gift to the older sibling to the recipient of the Chloe sweater.

She kept getting turned around in the scarf and in the end decided to pack up her yarn and go home!
Diane is getting accustomed to knitting with the Be Sweet Extra Fine Mohair. It’s a big change from knitting with the Berroco Origami she was knitting with. She worked on it for a couple of rows and then got caught up in Mary’s tangled yarn and a criss cross of conversations.
Linda started knitting her Vogue Eyelet Cowl from the Holiday 2009 Issue. She’s knitting it in Rowan Lima, one of my favorite yarns. This was her first time joining/knitting in the round. At first she knit it flat having missed the part about joining in the round. At any rate, she’s already loving knitting with Lima.

Is there a full moon? Is Mercury in retrograde? There was definitely more chatting than stitching today.