A Job Well Done!

Diane finished her Kiama sweater from Berroco, knit in Origami yarn. She did a totally awesome job.
The colorway she chose suits her so well. It has many of her favorite colors to wear blended together so beautifully that it almost looks like a neutral.
In the picture above, if you look closely, the top half is her right side and the bottom half is her wrong side. That’s the reverse of what the pattern called for.
After happily sharing her Kiama sweater, Diane set about starting a project from a stash of Be Sweet extra fine mohair. Their are five skeins and they are part of a mixed berries colorway for the Extra Fine Diagonal Scarf. It took her a couple of trys to get used to the thin yarn on bulk needles.
Mary began crocheting the border on her “Shell Game” vest. This pattern is nearing publishing status!
Sunaina began her shrug and you’d think I’d have written down the name of yarn having mentioned this before. But no, I was sure I’d remember it. Note to self, never believe that you’ll remember it without writing it down.
Lois got going on her Prism Wild Stuff wrap. Once she got past the cast on row, she was able to enjoy the yarn more. She solved the problem of casting on with the Wild Stuff by casting on with a bulky yarn in the same color family and then knitting with the Wild Stuff.
She also spent some time on the cabled bands for her Torino Bulky Cardigan.
Sherry stopped by having crocheted my new pattern, “Oohh Sparkly Thing” in Stella yarn by Tahki. We were both delighted with the results.