Kid Stuff

Robin and Linda G. were both working on baby/children’s sweaters.

Robin finished her very first Wallaby beautifully. She really liked the instructions for the Kitchener stitch and worked both armholes on her own. It is done and done! Ends woven in and ready to gift. The next Wallaby is going to be the reverse of this, colorwise: red with a blue racing stripe.
Linda learned how to pick up stitches for the V-neck of her Ann Norling #29 sweater. She has one more row and then she can bind off. Then it’s time for a trip to Westport Yarns to pick out a new project.
Also on Robin’s needles were two baby blankets. The blue one is from an Ann Norling pattern. The pink one is a pattern from String.
And that’s all she wrote. Tomorrow I’ll share some Holiday Weekend Knitting. The Holiday through off my blogging momentum.