Holiday Knitting

I know it’s a little late to talk about knitting over this past Memorial Day weekend; I’m still playing catch-up.

We were on the road, so lot’s of car knitting and visiting with people who are knitting friendly. So basically I knit all the live long days.
I absolutely love this sweater. The pattern is “Chloe” by Nevernotknitting. It’s knit from the top down, no seams. A little cutie of a short cardigan for baby. I chose the daisy buttons because she’ll be intrigued by them. I used Aslan Pima Classico (leftover yarn from my crocheted vest).
I started the back of my “Slant of Nature” vest/cardigan. You start out making two sides (on the diagonal) and then join them together. Because I managed to start each side with a similar part of the color repeat, when I joined the two sides of the back, I continued to use the two different balls of yarn and switched them at the center. This way the color repeats will be similar in depth to the fronts. It’s a little bigger than I want, and I’m not going back. If need be there will be creative sewing involved. I love the yarn, Noro Furin.
I knit basic toe up socks on magic loop for my “I can talk to people” project. The yarn is called Sox Appeal by Knit One, Crochet Too. It’s really neat, 96% superwash merino, 3% nylon, and 1% elastic. You really feel the stretchiness of that 1% elastic.

While we were away, I visited the Wild & Woolly Shop in Lexington, MA. I met the owner, Jackie and had a great visit. She has a beautiful shop that is two floors! I thoroughly recommend a visit if you’re in the neighborhood.

Time to give the projects that were not travel worthy some attention.