A Week in Review

I have to start of this post with Linda’s baby sweater (“Chloe” by Nevernotknitting). This baby sweater has a story to tell. She started it a couple of weeks ago and was making the newborn size. After she knit her way into this top down sweater, she took several wrong turns with her yarn over increases where her markers strayed from their location.

We had a village chat and decided that it would be better (since she had to start over) to make the next size up. Insurance against the sweater taking longer than a baby stays newborn size. Which is like a week.

There were one or two more misdirections of yarn overs and a few restarts. At one point she contemplated leaving the mistakes in; thinking that it’s in the back, the baby doesn’t wear it for long, and maybe they won’t notice. Then there was the argument that some cultures intentionally leave mistakes in their weaving/crafts because no one is perfect.

In the end, she was glad she started over. She’s at the point to finish the ruffle and the sleeves. Just a hop, skip and a jump and its done.

There is another reason why it’s better that she made the larger size. She’s so pleased with how cute this sweater came out that she wants to hold onto it for a while!
Sunaina is knitting a shrug and swatched today. I am drawing a total blank of the yarn name and didn’t write it down because I “knew” the name. We realized that nothing she has knit before required a gauge. She toughed it out.
Elizabeth is nearly done with her Noro Shell (YS-480) in Silk Garden. She’s been modifying the numbers to fit her gauge and ended up needing one extra skein. This colorway captures all of her favorite colors.
Sherry emailed me a picture of her son’s afghan before she mailed it out. It looks great!
Mary finished most of the second half of her vest. She has to do the shaping along the other front and then work a slip stitch seam for the back.
And last, but certainly not least, here is a picture of my sister’s “pillowghan”. It’s a blanket that folds into a pillow that is knit into it. Kind along the same lines as an Anorak. I would explain further but it wasn’t pretty the first time she explained it to me.