A Little Bit of Knit

When working on several projects at once, project rotation is the key to making any progress. I finished the bag and gussets for my crazy quilt pillow/bag. I really enjoyed the garter back with all the different yarns. Now I’m going to look for a fabric to line it and the plastic things that you can used to make the bag stiff. The plastic needle point canvas’.
I finished one front of the Slant of Nature vest. I never really try to match up variegated yarns. Partly because I think it’s cool to see the color play out on its own and partly because I’m lazy.
This time I gave it a shot because it’s the front of the vest and it would look better. I’m pretty pleased with myself. Of course, saying that, I don’t know if there is a Noro curve ball to the color repeat buried the depths of this skein.
My little ladybug amigurumi sample for my upcoming class at Westport Yarns is nearly done. The pattern calls for 6 little ladybug legs. I never looked closely at a ladybug to see if it has 6 legs. It’s cute though. I think baby needs one.