Something was just not right

Michelle made it in first and was having difficulty with the beginning rounds of the Renaissance Poncho. Something was just not right. (Do you remember your Madeline books? I don’t think it would take much to reactivate my memory to recite it almost by heart. But I digress…)

She asked me to work on the first couple of rounds. I was giving it a go amidst the rest of the group arriving and talking. Lace is not a convenient talking going on around you type of thing (for me anyway). Turns out that the yarn overs were traveling and that was why it wasn’t working.
While I worked on the poncho, Michelle worked on a Noro Shell in Cash Iroha, YS-490. It’s done it 2 separate halves.

Anytime someone would begin to talk to me, Michelle would run interference.
Elizabeth was working on a Noro tank, YS-480. She recalculated the number to work with her gauge.
Robin is cranking through the Wallaby. I’m really proud of how well she’s navigating the pattern, it shows just how far she’s come. The next Wallaby is going to red with a blue racing stripe. We had a hood debate: garter or stockinette. Stockinette won.
Linda finished sewing the shoulders, side, and arm seams on her Ann Norling #29 sweater. Next time we meet she’s going to work on the neck ribbing.
And Linda F. came with her Chloe baby sweater (Never Not Knitting). She had started this a couple of weeks ago with Michelle and Robin’s help. Michelle had made it already.
Something just wasn’t right. She rerouted her increases (the sweater is top down and she’s doing yarn over increases around the raglan lines).

Linda decided that there should be Special Ed. knitting groups and that she was a prime candidate. When this elicited a chuckle from Robin and Elizabeth, she asked if they would be chuckling if she had a math/english problem. Point for Linda.
She also got a bit of ribbing (pardon the pun) because she is/was making the newborn size and the baby is 2 months old. All things considered, she ripped it out and started again to make the next size up.

I realized several rows in that she missed sleeve increases and would have to start over (again). With a straight face she asked if this was “hazing the dumb kid on the block”. Not so Linda.