Poncho Day

So here I am. All geared up to start the Renaissance Poncho. Jane suggested we use a size 9 needle because we want it larger than the sample. She also suggested we cast on with a bigger needle, therefore a size 10. (Yes, I do the high math.)

Considering that I must have accumulated every needle size created in many different makes and models, it did not occur to me that I wouldn’t have the needles I needed when I needed them. Foolish I know.

First off, I did find the size 9 24″. That’s good you may say. Well, yes and no. I needed Size 10 16″ circular to start. Can I find those? No, of course not. I have a feeling I lent those out. Scrounge through all the different organizational places for needles. No size 10 16″. Okkkkk. I remembered that you don’t join in the round right off. Well then. Found #10 signature straights. Cool, I like those. No size #9 16″ circulars. Hmmmm, dpn’s! I have size 9 dpns.
That’s the long preamble to getting it all together to start. Is it nap time yet?