Jane, Jane, and more Jane

I finished my crazy quilt pillow/bag. It is a happy feeling. I especially wanted to get it done before yesterday because I was taking a new class with Jane (more on that later).
I started working on the side and bottom gussets. It’s 4″ wide and will be 17″ long in each section. I’m knitting the side/bottom/side in one long strip but in blocks of color that are 17″ long. Originally I was going to make the gusset 6″ wide. I wasn’t going to have enough yarn. As it is I’m going to be tight on the last color. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do about straps.
This is a picture of the Lacey Hooded Cowl I started yesterday in Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk (a stashed yarn). In the first class we learned a picot cast on which was really cool.
The beginning is worked in short rows of lace. Now there’s an interesting experience. I ended up ripping out what I did in class and starting it over at home with no distractions.

Lastly, Michelle and I are going to be knitting the Renaissance Poncho. I’ve never worked on two Not Just Plain Jane projects at once. I don’t think there is that much quiet time to my day. I think it’ll be an every other day alternating thing. My brain might melt if I worked on them in the same sitting. I’m going to knit mine in Blue Heron Rayon Metallic. So today was the cowl’s turn and tomorrow will be poncho day.