The Seamy Side of Knitting/Crocheting

Diane finished the sewing the sleeve part of the bodice and picked up for the skirt part of the jacket. She was going to have the wrong side be the right side but it didn’t look right when she got going, so she’s switched back to the way the pattern was written.
A few weeks ago Diane and I went through her stash of a couple of yarns that needed a project. She found a pattern in the 101 Luxury One-Skein projects book that fit perfectly with the Artyarns Supermerino yarn she had. It’s knitting up soft and she loves it.
Michelle worked on sewing the armhole and then had the task of sewing the ruffle to the front borders and around the neck. Not her favorite. She and Elizabeth had a conversation about how to get me to do something for them while I was pinning the ruffle to the sweater (you know as if I wasn’t right there).
Michelle: “How can I get her to sew this for me? Tears?”
Elizabeth: “No, that won’t work, she’s desensitized”.

And later when I started sewing the border at the same time as Michelle to meet in the middle…
Michelle” “I figured it out, don’t ask and she’ll help” (my kids really should be reading this.)

The pattern is Minnowknits QK #211 Scallopini and the yarn is Artyarns Ultramerino Bulky.

Elizabeth finished both sides of the Shell Game vest and worked the slip stitch seam. At the sight of all the ends, Michelle cringed (I don’t think she realized there’d be all these ends when she signed up for testing the pattern). Elizabeth is debating using the ends as fringe and adding more to fill it in.
I wanted to share the different color choices of Michelle and Elizabeth. Elizabeth really enjoyed crocheting the vest and I’m so pleased she’s nearly done after only 2 weeks.