Mother’s Day

Here is Mom’s Mother’s Day gift. Which you ask is the gift? The flowers and other stuff in the bag or the bag? Try both and I am happy to say the my mother picked up on that right away, smart cookie that she is. The pattern is the Ilene bag and I knit it with 1 skein of sportweight Euro Flax Linen. To block it (stretch it really) I soaked it, wrung it out, and then hung it from a hook with a bottle of laundry detergent in it. Works perfectly.
I volunteered to sew in all the loose threads on Mom’s sweater (it was Mother’s Day and all). As I sewed and snipped the threads, I noticedm the color of the yarn against the arm of the sofa I was sitting on. Consistent in her color choices wouldn’t you say!
Mom did an outstanding job on her first foray back into knitting. She knit the Skif, “Jess” sweater in Plymouth Royal Bamboo. The Royal Bamboo is a really lovely yarn with a beautiful hand and drape!

She made a few modifications (I know where I get it from). She chose the purl side to be the right side throughout the sweater (the directions change it up). she elected not to machine sew any seams (obviously since I just got through sewing it for her), and chose not to sew the fronts together to make it into a v-neck sweater. It was more a more useful piece as a jacket.

Well Done Mom! (Next up, a shrug).