Commence Knitting

Diane is loving working with the Berroco Origami yarn and knitting the Kiama jacket. She’s nearly done with the bodice and then will pick up stitches for the skirt of the jacket. The Yarn Harlot is working on it too and had some interesting comments to share. Be sure to read May 6th and May 7th.

Lois came in with 2 tales of woe. The first was the project she’s working on in Prism Wild Stuff. Although she loves the color and texture of the Wild Stuff, casting on and knitting with it is another story. Add to that #17 & #19 knitting needles and Lois is not a happy camper. She’s ripped it out/restarted and was not liking it.

The revised plan was to cast on with her contrast yarn (Artyarns Ultramerino 4) and then change to #15 needles and the Prism Wild Stuff. It will make her cast on and first row infinitely more manageable. The pattern she is working on is called “Betty’s Shawl” from the June 2010 Knit ‘n Style magazine.
She’s working 2 sleeves at once and found she had 1 stitch too many on one sleeve and 1 stitch too few on the other. Thankfully it was a simple case of 1 too few increases on one sleeve and 1 too many increases on the other. Back on track!
Mary finished the front shaping on the Shell Game tank she’s test-crocheting for me. I’m so excited to see her progress.
She had picked up for the neckline on this little cutie of a baby sweater and realized after the fact that she was on the larger needle size. (The stitches looked way too big!) I took it back and left it on the smaller needle for her.
Sunaina decided to start another set of golf club covers that are going to be a gift. She also had an “aha” moment while trying to work the mattress stitch seam on the pink clubs. She does not like sewing and was delighted to know that you can “out source” this part of finishing.
Janine brought in her most recent felted bag. It was the first time Diane of Sunaina had seen a felted bag. I have a feeling that’s going to be on their queue.
She got gauge for her Hooded Swing Jacket by Dovetail Designs. It’s knit in super bulky yarn ~ all garter stitch.