Thursday Night Stitch and Chat

Once a month I’ve been having a Stitch and Chat at night. Last night Noreen and Elayne came over.
Noreen got really far in her All Shawl (by Doris Chan). She’s taking a class with me at Westport Yarns that started on Monday. Noreen is using Plymouth Kudo (cotton blend) yarn and was not sure at the beginning if she was going to like how it worked up. We were both thrilled with the results. It looks like she’s changing colors every row.
She finished a baby hat for a gift using my Simple & Easy Hat for the Whole Family. Very sweet!
And, tada! She brought 2 knit one below projects to work on. For the sock, it was a matter of getting started on the leg after setting aside the stitches for the afterthought heel. With the gauntlet, it was the thumb. I absolutely love the way she puts bright colors together. In the fall we did a Knit One Below series at Knitting Central based on the book Knit One Below by Elise Duvekot.
Elayne brought the Clarity Cardigan (by Doris Chan). This pattern is currently on the cover of the Spring Interweave Crochet. She is crocheting this to wear to an upcoming event. The underarm came out a little larger than she liked, so she worked out a creative solution. She crocheted a couple of rounds with half shells in the underarm until the armhole was a depth she was happy with.
I worked on my All Shawl in Ellyn Cooper’s Grande Crinkle yarn. It’s a beautiful hand-dyed 100% rayon yarn. It is a pleasure to work with and I’m enjoying how it’s coming out. The All Shawl can be crocheted in just about any weight and easily modified to be shorter, longer or wider.