I bought it because it was purple.

I have long had a reputation for buying things because they are purple. It paid off today.

Way back when, I bought this yarn because it was purple variegated and sparkly. There was no plan for this yarn. I did indeed buy it because it was purple.
Recently this skein of yarn came into good use. When I was a couple of rows short on my Argus Shawlette by Wendy Johnson, it fit the bill perfectly to finish it up. I literally only needed it for 2 rows and the bind off.
Last year I knit the Lacy Tank by Tahki. Beth also knit it and trimmed with crochet.
I loved how that looked. I’ve been searching for a yarn to complement it ever since. Wouldn’t you know, the yarn was in my stash all along.

When I was in Westport Yarns last week, I put it up for a village vote. The purple, sparkly variegated yarn won. Lois you were absolutely right.
So you see, sometimes buying it because it was purple or does pay off.