Among other things, Stash Management

Michelle brought bags and bags of stash. She had Knit Together bags with yarn she bought over 3 years ago, Knitting Central bags, and unmarked bags. There was leftover yarn from projects, unidentified yarn that clearly had a plan at some point, and funky yarn that had to be an impulse when Knit Together was going out of business and she feared the oncoming yarn famine.

The yarn just kept coming. When we sorted through one load, she went to the car for another!!! I don’t know how, but I actually knew the plan for 3 different yarns. I don’t understand how I can remember what Michelle was going to knit with yarn she bought 3+ years ago and yet I can’t remember where I put my keys 3+ minutes ago. Seriously. What’s up with that?

In the final analysis, Margarita went home with a big bag of yarn for the charity knitting her group does. Some yarn will go to some of us in stitch and chat if the yarn fits our tendencies. (I got 2 skeins of purple Torino – I think they will be fetching fingerless gloves).

[When I got home from stitch and chat, I felt the urge to purge yarn. I did a quick-ish run through of yarn I hadn’t done anything in 3 years and came up with a big bag of yarn to donate to a charity group, yarn for Laura’s kid’s class, and even some yarn I just plain through out. I felt better for it!]
Michelle finished her Noro Taiyo Bag, from the World of Nature #27 pattern booklet (pattern #NK 255). It’s knit with one skein and makes a really cute little clutch (of course I see it as a project bag). This may be the winner for this year’s holiday gift project for her nieces.

Michelle and Elizabeth both brought their intended yarn for the “Vest of Many Colors” pattern they are testing for me.

There were a few entertaining moments when they discussed which way the crochet hook sizes went (larger or smaller with the alphabet). Neither one has crocheted in a while and crochet is a second language for them both.

Of course there were pattern instructions that needed to be clearer for the swatching instructions which added to the confusion.

We played the shell game with Elizabeth’s colors until we found the right order/contrast.
Diane started her Kiama Jacket from the Berroco Pattern Booklet #294 Origami. She learned an essential lesson in gauge. She dutifully swatched for the pattern. The gauge was 4.75 sts/1″. She was getting 4sts/1″. She figured it wasn’t off by much, not realizing that that .75″ would add up. As a result, the bodice of her jacket (above) was going to be 14″ deep instead of 10″ deep and when she got to the bottom of the jacket, well – it was going to be much bigger in size.
She wanted to keep going and Michelle said, “you have beautiful yarn, it’s a great pattern, start over”. With sadness she unravelled the yarn and made another swatch (below). After seeing the difference in the texture of the swatches, she understood how that tiny .75″ made such a big difference. In the end, she was happy she started over in the right needle size/gauge.

Sherry is about 1/3 of the way through her crocheted shrug with Blue Heron Rayon Metallic and Cotton Classic.
Margarita finished her Ruffled Shawl in Encore Colorspun. She very happily modeled it for us.

Linda learned the mattress stitch and began sewing up her Ann Norling #29 child’s sweater. Next week she’ll be ready for the neckline.