Timing is Everything

I guess it’s kismet or fate. After I published yesterdays post, I was reading “Crazy Aunt Purl’s” blog. She was introducing the following book:

Knits Men Want: The 10 Rules Every Woman Should Know Before Knitting for a Man~ Plus the Only 10 Patterns She’ll Ever Need (Paperback) by Bruce Weinstein

Needless to say I checked it out right away and ordered the book. Maybe there will be a pattern in this book I can use, if not, I’m counting on the 10 rules to carry me through. Now I’ll have to knit him a sweater.

When I talked about it at the store I received a couple of varied suggestions.

Lois suggested a poncho or “mancho” as I nicknamed it. I could just sew up the sides. The vision of that made me think of a caftan.

Beth thought about knitting it in strips with provisional cast on’s and grafting it to the neck and sewing the panels together.

I asked Jane (Not Just Plain Jane) if she had any Men’s sweater patterns in the works. She said that it’s still rattling around in her mind. I wonder if I could channel Jane for inspiration.

I actually have dk weight cotton/acyrilic tweed in many colors that I bought years ago to make Joe a sweater. It would be great if I could get that to work.

The planning stage is still going to be long, with no promises of exactly when it will be done (let alone when I will start it). I have to keep my options open.