So Joe Wants a Sweater

Joe has decided that he is long overdue for a sweater. It’s not like I haven’t made him sweaters over the years (one of which he lost!) I even designed a couple for him. The last sweater I made him was probably about 6 years ago. A bulky hoodie in Sirdar Denim something.

So, we talked about what he wanted in his sweater. Here goes (in no particular order):
A looser neckline
The waist band should hug the body
The arms should be roomy (he flapped his arms to demonstrate how much ease there should be)
The wrists should be on the snug side
Longer body so it can bunch up
Thin yarn
Thin strips or abstract colors.


There is a reason I haven’t knit him a sweater in a while. My darling husband likes his sweaters big, 3X in fact. He also likes the sweater to be lighter, so dk weight. Do you have any idea how long this will take me????

Sheesh. I’m thinking top down for sure. Other than that, I don’t know. This is going to require a lot of thought and planning.

Maybe Jane Elliott can design a Crazy Quilt Husband’s Sweater? That would be fun.

Crazy Quilt Pillow update:
I caught up with Laura at Westport Yarns and we traded more yarn for our pillows/bags. When I came home I worked on the small leaf triangle. I used a funky green multi-textured yarn for the side leaves and purple chenille for the center leaf. Now the 2 triangles are joined together awaiting further instructions.