I’m recycling yarn from a shawl I knit during the “sparkly, eyelash, novelty yarn craze”. Recycling yarn is a nice word for frogging, or unknitting, or ripping out an already knit garment that you don’t like/won’t wear/or give away.
First of all, I wish there was a “pull here” tab as a clue to wear to begin unraveling my cleverly woven in ends.

Next, I feel as if I am going through a fiber jungle of eyelash and furry yarn that has insidiously entwined itself around otherwise beautiful yarn waiting to be rescued. The eyelash and furry yarns have a vise like grip on the nicer yarns knit with it. As I snip at the eyelash/furry yarns I am painfully aware that one false cut could mean the end to the beautiful yarn.
When Thing #2 was 3 y.o. and was opening her birthday presents, when she came to something she didn’t like she would exclaim that it was going into the “NO!” pile. The pile on the right in the picture above is my NO pile. The basket holds the keepers.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I all knit with this stuff. It’s like looking at pictures of yourself when you were young and cringing at the styles.

The plan for the yarn is Not Just Plain Jane’s Crazy Quilt Pillow (which Laura and I are going to make into a bag instead).