Do you have synergy in your knitting?

Linda is finishing a sweater that her mother had started. When I first met Linda, she showed me a table full of yarn in various stages of planning that her mother had. Some were just bags of yarn with enough skeins that there clearly had been a plan. Then there were projects in different states of completion. We chose this cardigan, because it required the least amount of work to complete. You see there weren’t always patterns with the projects.
When Linda knit the Wallaby’s for her grandkids, she used yarn that was her mothers, thus kind of infusing them with some history.

Sunaina is knitting golf club covers for Father’s day. She’s making a second set for herself and using the contrast color from her dad’s gift in her club covers. If you pardon the pun, now they have a common thread (that’s pretty good and it wasn’t even intentional).
Knitting gives us such pleasure just on the basis of its own merits. It is so much more special when there is a synergy to your projects. A connection that extends past the work itself.

That’s my philosophical contribution for the day. Happy Knitting.