Sunday was Knitday

On Sunday I took a pattern I designed 2 years ago out of hibernation and I’m reknitting it to check the math and sizing. It’s a really cute girl’s tank top.

My Citron shawl is in it’s 5th pattern repeat. I think I’m going to add another. I’m using Tahki Superior yarn and I have more than enough yarn. This is relatively mindless. There are 2 increase rows that require paying attention.
I’m slowly making progress on my Mission Falls Shore cardigan, row by row and end by end. The 60 ish row stripe repeat has to be repeated 4 x to finish the bottom of the cardigan. I’m about halfway through the 3rd repeat. The good new is that I’m weaving in my ends as I go.
Then of course there is the sparkly project. I’m designing a crocheted wrap with a scarf option.