How many of us have come across the fateful words in a pattern, AT THE SAME TIME. This generally follows a litany of directions that you’ve completed while happily oblivious to the lurking AT THE SAME TIME. Thankfully for Lois, she read ahead and we wrote out the order of decreases/which side.

When Michelle got to the end of her pattern, under the Finishing heading the pattern said “if you choose to make the garment bigger, you can cast on 20 stitches more in the beginning.” Timing is everything.

In keeping with the sometimes tedious nature of the gauge swatch comes the “read through the whole pattern first.”
Abby’s poncho is moving along nicely. She switched to a larger circular and pretty soon we’re going to run a lifeline through the stitches so she can try it on. The yarns are Muench My Family and Prism Cool Stuff.
Margarita finished the body of her Chill Out Shawl and began the ruffle. She’s using Encore Colorspun.
I’m personally delighted that Margarita is crocheting my sampler blanket. She’s using Minnowknits Cottontail yarn.
Mary’s Mission Falls “Shore Cardigan” is coming along nicely. She and I commiserated over the number of ends to weave in and how to strategically knit in as many of the ends as possible as we go along. There are 9 colors and you change them every 1 – 2 rows. Whose idea was this anyway?
Her Koigu sock made it out of the parking lot and into circulation this week. She got reacquainted with the pattern. 🙂
This was the cutie pattern of the day. We were all charmed by Michelle’s “Never Not Knitting – Chloe sweater” by Alana Dakos.
Michelle need only sew on the buttons to finish her China Doll Jacket in Minnow Merino.
And we’ve decided that we are going to knit the Haruni Shawl by Emily Ross.

together. She’s going to use the Zephyr lace above. I haven’t decided what I’m going to use.