And she said she doesn’t know how to knit cables

I’ve known Noreen for several months now through classes at Westport Yarns.  One of her goals has been to learn how to cable.  Imagine my surprise (and hers) when she found this amazing Lopi Sweater she began 10 years ago.

The project went missing over the years and she completely forgot that it had cables in it (cables she knit quite well)!.  Happily, she found it recently and had only a few rows on the hood to knit.  She learned the 3 needle bind off to graft the hood.  One of the things I like about teaching the 3 needle bind off is that it sounds far more intimidating than it actually is.  With the exception of a few ends to weave, this sweater is beautifully completed!

Here is a shawl Noreen knit in Artyarns Supermerino. 

Abby’s top down poncho is progressing nicely. She’s got the hang of the yarn over increases and carrying the yarns when not in use. I’m really glad she’s enjoying using the Prism Cool Stuff for the contrast stripe.

Michelle finished her grandson’s cabled panel afghan.  The contrasting colors she used to crochet the seams really make each panel stand out and even though it meant more work, the light beige she added looks terrific.  She is one happy camper to be done with this blanket.  Tomorrow her grandson receives the blanket. 🙂

She’s on the verge of finishing the Minnowknits China Doll Jacket. The only thing left is to sew the color in place (and we know how much she loves sewing) and crochet button loops. Zecca makes the best buttons.

Today Michelle brought her sister’s knitting project for consultation.  Michelle’s sister asked her to help with this sweater, Flow knit in Berroco Seduce (by the way, this is the same sweater that Mary is knitting in purple Seduce.

I continued crocheting the Vest of Many Colors, I’ve got a rough draft of the pattern and soon I’ll be able to turn it over to Michelle, Mary, and Elizabeth to test.  It’s only fitting since they bought the yarn before I designed it.