Ivy Brambles Yarn

I visited my sister this weekend and asked if we could fit in a trip the her local yarn store, the Yarn and Fiber Company,  in between kid’s events.  She, being very accommodating and sharing my fiber needs, said yes.

We were going to go after the basketball game.  My brother-in-law suggested we go before, there was an hour and a half.  We honestly thought we’d be in and out of the store on time – we had a plan.

The minute we walked into the store we were greeted by a beautiful lace shawl knit in Ivy Brambles Romantica Superwash Merino wool.  The pattern is called “Sunrise at the Beach”  we went directly to the yarn.

Here is the color I bought, Petunias.

The end cap of the shawl is picked up after wards.  I think I’ll call mine, Sunset at the beach.

We wandered around the whole store and I continued to be drawn to Ivy Brambles Yarn.  For once, I did not buy it because it was purple.

Ultimately I ended up back at the Ivy Brambles Lace yarns.  I saw this amazing shawl called Ocean’s Edge Silk Shawl.

This pattern calls for their Pure Silk 20/2, laceweight yarn, 1083 yards.  I actually bought the same color in this yarn.  The color looks completely different in the silk.

Nancy came away relatively unscathed in this visit to the yarn store.  She’s working on the Citron pattern by Knitty.  Now I’ve seen it worked two different ways.  Elizabeth knit hers in Kid Silk Haze and Nancy is knitting hers in a Andrea a variegated yarn from Schaefer Yarns.

 Did I mention we were late for the basketball game?