Westport Yarns Grand Opening Celebration

Beth did an amazing job decorating the store with beautiful knits and the wonderful colors of new yarns we’ve been getting in. 

Laura out did herself with more project bags.  Totally new prints. They looked great on this display.  I bought 2, 1 large and 1 small – I also bought another one for my sister. 

Here is Shirley Paden standing amidst four of her samples from her book, “Knitwear Design Workshop, A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits”

I was delighted to have a picture with Shirley.  It was through her Design class that I took at Knitting Central that I learned how to design a garment.  Shirley asked me (of course I said yes) if she could submit my sweater to Vogue Knitting Magazine.  I was published in the Vogue Holiday 2009 issue.  I am very grateful for what I learned from her and feel honored to be one of her students.

Most of the staff was there to share in the celebration.

Cynthia was at the store to introduce Shirley as our guest speaker and officially pass the torch to Beth Schaefer, the new owner. 

Shirley gave an amazing power point presentation introducing her book and telling us about what her led her into the field of custom handknit design and teaching.  I was totally surprised to learn that I, along with the other 3 students from Knitting Central who were published, were in Shirley’s presentation. We were in the “honor roll”.

There were easily 50 people at the store and we sold out of Shirley’s book.  Customers were happy to have their book signed by Shirley. Shirley’s book is sure to become a bible for handknit design.

It was an empowering evening.  I felt as if the store had come alive again and was filled with a great energy of creativity and warmth.  It was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces among the customers who attended.  I look forward to reading through it and seeing what it sparks.