Do The Knitting Genes Skip a Generation?

We met at Westport Yarns again today since Stamford was not yet fully recovered from the store.

Carrie picked out Spud & Chloe yarn for a shawl from the book Folk Shawls.

Sarah worked on a top down lace hat.

Elaine worked on her fingerless gloves.

Lois’ lace shell was off pattern a few rows back, so I took it back to the lifeline.  (Love the lifelines.)

She was also working on a cardigan with a cabled front.  To add some shaping, she dropped down to a #10 needle for 1″, then to a #9 needle for 1″.  Then she reversed the needle changes.  This way she didn’t have to change any of the math in the pattern.

And speaking of changing the math in the pattern.  Now that Elizabeth has steeked her Noro Ribbed Jacket, she tried it on for size.  We came up with a rough plan for the change in the sleeve shaping – I’ll know this week when she comes to stitch and chat.